Located in Hoosick Falls, NY, Akin Studios offers high quality audio recording with an artisan touch. 

Photos by Sam Clement


"........I believe that Akin will be a landmark on the Northeast Studio circuit for many years to come. I have worked in many professional studios, with many professional engineers with many popular records to their names, and I have never had such a positive experience as I had with JJ, Sam, and Matt at Akin."  - Asa Horvitz, Vales, Point Reyes

In 2009, Bennington College alumni Matt Scott, Sam Clement, and Jason Beck launched Akin with a focus on creating a haven for their extended family of musician friends. Today, Akin serves as a hub for songwriters, performers and instrumentalists alike from Southern Vermont to the NY metropolitan area.  

Located on the top floor of the The Hoosick Falls Armory, the studio is adorned with wood, stone faced turrets and the original hooks, nooks and crannies of the armory's previous occupation as the 101st Cavalry Armored Division.  Among the studio's most unique features, the studio space includes uninterrupted access to the building's former rec center (gymnasium) which provides a natural reverb chamber unlike anything you'll find elsewhere (plugins be damned.) Akin carries an ambience that can only be described as inspiring, while its unique location lends a mojo that has to be seen (and heard) to fully realize.

In late 2014 in an effort to expand both the burgeoning studio's notoriety as well as gear list, Akin Launched head first into it's very own Kickstarter campaign, raising nearly $11,000 and well exceeding it's goal. With the warmth of contributions from friends, family, community members and clients alike, Akin has solidified its place as a lasting member of the South Shire art's community.

A full list of those who made this Kickstarter possible can be found HERE. 






80 Church Street             Hoosick Falls, NY 12090



Studio tours and consultations are made available by appointment. Please contact info@akinstudios.com for all inquiries.