Kimball Grand Piano

Yamaha CP30 Stage Piano

Roland RD-500 88 Key E-Keyboard

Fender Rhodes 73 Mark I Stage

Rhodes 73 Mark I Suitcase (w/ "stereo tremolo")

Fender Rhodes Mark II

Wurlitzer 200

Kork 'Microkorg' Synthesizer

Akai Timbrewolf Analog Synthesizer

Casio tone MT-41 Synthesizer


Hammond C3 Organ w/ Matching Leslie Cabinet

Korg cx-3 Analog "Clone-Wheel" Organ


Stringed Instruments


Electric Guitars

'67 Gretsch Viking

Epiphone Casino

'68 Harmony H77

60's Silvertone 1446

1963 Silvertone 1448 w/ Amp in Case


Fender American Stratocaster

Gibson SG Limited Edition

Gibson SG Standard

Ibanez Artcore AF85

1978 Univox Lawsuit Les Paul

Cort Joe Beck Signature

Squier "Waynes World" Strat

Partscaster Tele

G&L Tribute L-2000 Bass

2018 Fender 60's Original J Bass (American) 

1991 Peavey Foundation Fretless Bass (American)

Squier Classic Vibe 60's J Bass (Seymour Duncan Pups)

1994 Fender Standard Fretless J Bass

1972 Univox U1835 "Coily" Bass


Acoustic Guitars


1948 Gibson J-45

1967 Guild F-212

1974 Harmony Stella Parlor

Guild F-512 (Westerly, RI built)

1972 Martin D-18

Taylor 110

Taylor 814


Other Acoustics


Conqueror Tenor Banjo

Epiphone Dobro

Englehardt 1/4 Size Bass

Loar LM-700

Rikhi Ram VK Style Sitar

Johnson Tricone

Johnson "Nashville Strung" Dreadnaught

Vega 201 Mandolin


Instrument Effects & Pedals


Premier Reverberation Tank

Dynacord Echocord s65 Tube Tape Echo

Electro Harmonix Freeze Pedal

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man w/ Hazarai

Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano Reverb

Electro Harmonix Switch Blade 

TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper

MXR Bass Envelope Filter

MXR Fullbore Metal Distortion

MXR Dynacomp Compressor

MXR Classic 108Fuzz

PROCO RAT II Distortion

Boss DD20 Delay Pedal

Boss Power Stack Overdrive

Boss Harmonist Harmonizer

Boss SD-1 Overdrive

Boss OD-2 Turbo Overdrive

Boss DS-1 Distortion

T-Rex Michael Angelo Distortion

Strymon Blue SkyDelay/Reverb/Shimmer

Dunlop Cry BabyWah Wah (many)

Fulltone Octafuzz

Ibanez Turbo Tube Screamer Overdrive

..... DOZENS More. 

Front End                                          


Audio Developments AD146 Console

Universal Audio Apollo 8 Quad                           

Focusrite Octopre MKII

Apple Imac 27" Retina

Furman HDS-6 Headphone System

Scully 280 4-track 1/2" Reel-Reel

Adams A7X Nearfield Monitors

Yamaha NS-10M Monitors




Focusrite ISA Two (Stereo)

TNC AMPC73 Neve Clone (Jim Williams Modified)

TNC AMPC81 (Pair)

TNC AMPC84 (Pair)

Scully 280 (Set of Four) 

TLA Fat 2

Art MPA Gold

Behringer 21953

Electro Harmonix 12AY7

GBE 750




Earthworks DK 25 Set  (3)

Telefunken AK47 MK II

Neumann TLM103

Oktava MK219 (Pair)

AKG 214 (Matched Pair)

Cascade FatHead II (Pair) 

Beyer Dynamic M160 Ribbon

Shure SM7B

Aspen-Pittman DT1

Crown PZM 30D Boundary Mic (Pair)

Electro Voice RE20

Vintage Norelco D19  

AKG 4033/CL

Shure SM57 (Many)

Shure SM58 (Many)

AKG D5 (Pair)

Studio Projects C1 (Pair)

AKG P170

Blue Spark

12 Gauge Red12

12 Gauge Green12

AKG C3000

Shure Beta52a





EQP-KT Pultec Shelving EQ Clone (Pair)

BLA Seventeen FET Compressor (Pair) 

Aphex 661 Expressor (Jim Williams Modified)

Aphex 622 Stereo Gate Expander (Pair)

Vintage Roland 301 Space Echo

Dynacord Echocord s65 Tube Tape Echo

DBX 166xl

ART 352 31 Band EQ

Yamaha D1500 Delay Unit

Pioneer SR202 Spring Reverb

JVC KD25 Cassette Recorder/Analogue Passthrough

Cloudlifter Cl-2



Airline 8513

1967 Ampeg Reverberocket

70's Ampeg B-15n "Flip-Top"

Fender Blues Jr.

Fender Champ 600

Fender Princeton (Vintage)

Fender Deluxe Reverb

Fender Super Reverb 65RI

Genz Benz NEOX-210T Bass 2x10 Cabinet

Laney PT100MV Series II

Magnatone Troubadour Prototype

Orange Crush 35LDX

Peavey Bandit 112

Peavey Triple XXX 4x12 Slant

Roland Cube 60 Keyboard

Silvertone 1484 w/ Matching Cabinet

TC Electronic BG250

Trace Elliot Boxer 30




Plugins from leading software companies including;


UAD/Apollo, FabFilter, Steven Slate, Izotope


SoundToys,  Avid and many more. 




1978 Ludwig Vistalite

Gretsch 22" Kick

Vintage Slingerland Buddy Rich Kit

So Many Snares




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